Developing Information Literacy Instruction for Honors Students at Oakland University: An Information Consulting Approach



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The Haworth Information Press


Entering the university setting can be daunting for even the brightest of students, given the increased coursework and research expected of them as compared to high school. To support these significant research needs and help Oakland University honors students meet their academic goals, a librarian liaison position was created to work with Honors College students and faculty, with information literacy instruction being the focus of the services the Library offers to the Honors College. This article describes the development of the information literacy instruction program for the Honors College at Oakland University and discusses plans for future growth of the information consulting relationship.



Library instruction, Information literacy, Information consulting, Oakland University. Honors College, Honors students, Liaison relationships, Marketing, Information literacy instruction


Kraemer, E.W. (2007). Developing information literacy instruction for honors students at Oakland University : An information consulting approach. College & Undergraduate Libraries 14 (3), 63-73.