Information Privacy in the World of Social Media

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This paper will explore the process in which information is collected, processed, and disseminated by social media platforms. The main concern is how this information can become more secure and private for the user experience. Secondary research will be conducted to assess these concerns brought up by social media users and analyze privacy policies that user agree to when creating an account with a social media platform. Secondary research will be provided by peer-reviewed scholarly articles from the Oakland University library database. This knowledge will help users better understand how their information’s integrity is being violated by these companies. The impact of this research will help reduce information privacy scandals and provide a better safeguard for user information, not only in the area of social media, but in other areas of the internet as well. The benefits of this will include enhanced individual understanding, increased privacy, and improved decision making. These benefits will affect every individual who utilizes these social media sites and potentially even affect those in other areas of the internet.



information privacy, privacy, social media, social media privacy, privacy policies, terms of service