The Oakland Post 2011-09-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


More for your money: Chartwells reduces student org catering prices up to 70% ; this week ; STAFF EDITORIAL Chartwells offers up cuts: Orgs should move focus to more campus events ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Student pushes for fully-staffed Gender and Sexuality Center ; Letters to the Editor: Smoking ban would be 'mean' ; Chartwells prices lowered ; OU promotes diversity ; Meadow Brook hosts writing workshops ; campus briefs ; Trustee Henry Baskin faces adultery accusation ; New hires at OU ; OU students united by ancestry ; Creative Writing major submits request to add faculty ; Students show off at talent show audition ; Loss brings golf team closer ; Minor league systems could help with issues ; Hamilton; Valentine have major surgery ; V-ball wins season opener ; All the President's men (and women): The faces of President Gary Russi's cabinet ; Stores help to restore Detroit pride ; Flash mob surfaces through performance at local mall ; NEWS BRIEFS ; Postal Service woes spell trouble: Commentary ; The skirmish of the seasons ; Adventuring into the wild: Sisters volunteer abroad in South Africa and Costa Rica ; Waits harbors passion for children: OU student works with autistic children in local public school ; Continuing a tradition: Student organizations contribute to start yearly Hispanic celebration ; Department instructors perform at Varner Hall ; records & reels ; Check out the Music Guy Blog ; Craig Owens In Borden Park ; Interview with MUTEMATH ; Fans: worse than fumbled plays



Oakland University. Gender and Sexuality Center, Food service, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Oakland University. Center for Multicultural Initiatives, Latino students