The Oakland Post 1988-04-18

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Processing parking tickets not worth trouble for school ; Journalist fills McGregor chair ; Group effort ; Frequency search finds 3 FM spots for radio station ; Chavez pushes for grapes boycott ; Students lobby for university; higher education ; Nursing professor dies after illness ; Academic Conduct Case Summary ; Cheating cases rise ; University changes summer contract with DSO ; NEWS BRIEFS Business school becomes accredited ; Foreman receives AP award ; Education students honored ; Man tries to drug student at year-end dance ; University grants easement ; Student exchange with Windsor likely ; Students must Join California grape boycott ; Letters to the Editor Recent fire drill disrupts studying; adds extra stress ; Reagan's freedom fighters terrorize Nicaraguan people ; Students can use fields; just wait until land dries ; Barking; stomping Greeks disruptive; embarrass school ; Oakland's wildlife being destroyed by Technology Park ; BLOOM COUNTY ; As pressure rises think positive; term to end soon ; Letters to the Editor Israeli indecisiveness leading to destruction ; Observers chose sides in Israeli conflicts ; 'Post' coverage of situation distorts truth ; Alternative Lifestyles group promotes self-esteem for gays ; Cool impact of sunglasses can backfire ; Moving day ; Presidential candidate speaks on campus ; Lafayette String Quartet wins national; international competitions ; What's Happening ; Blood pressure drug improves SAT scores ; Give me a break ; Oakland is unusual ; Sexism stinks ; Hovland former 23-time Ail-American tanker ; Fencer Burley places fifth ; Ball team splits doubleheader: Already won more games than last year ; That time already? ; Netters slide by Hillsdale ; Big-Time Pioneer Sports Quiz ; Hurdle wanted more ; Soccer brawls ; On the waterfront ; Wright stuff fails golfers: Team finishes next to last in tournament ; ABS picnic draws students



University of Windsor, LGBT+, Winn, Ed, Lafayette String Quartet, Blood pressure, SAT scores, Association of Black Students