The Oakland Post 1994-02-16



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Two-Horse Race ; Election '94 battle fought for students ; Congress waffles on expelling members ; DeCarlo warding off retirement rust: Employed at Lake Superior as a consultant since 1986 ; Marriott Fact Finding ; Fall registration available in March: Historic access a blessing for some students ; MEADOW BROOK ; Possible wedding bells for OU and law school ; CRIME WATCH ; Snow Removal Machine ; Cable television may arrive by fall 1994 for residence halls ; OUR VIEW Funny how wind fled OU's sails ; Letters to the Editor: Rec center a bonus; not a burden ; AAUP chief opposed to HIV view ; Hunt and poach very different activities ; Ass't. director comes home to family ; Valentine's Day: Different strokes for different folks ; No fanaticism; content with morals intact ; OU takes look at Oscars ; 'Young Artists' tune up for symphony ; It's best not to tell about 'You Never Can Tell' ; Super Sky serious as heart attack when delivering comedic doses ; Pioneer of the Week ; THE PIONEER DIRT BOX ; THIS WEEK IN PIONEER SPORTS ; Cagers leave Lakers awash ; Hang on!: Pioneers watch big lead vanish; win 99-96 ; As long as the Olympic torch stays lit; we will remember its past ; COMMUNITY SERVICE AWARD PRIMO SCREEN PRINTING ; Northwood no match for pressing Pioneers ; OU intramurals: Final Floor Hockey Standings (Men) ; Men's Basketball Standings



Oakland University. Student Congress, Detroit College of Law, Cable television, Oakland University. Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Young Artists Concert