Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, November 16, 2023


  1. Informational Items: Graduate Program Submissions (modifications - MS in Mechanical Engineering, MS in Mechatronic Systems Engineering, Public Health MPH; new graduate certificates - Automotive Electrification, Automotive Mechatronics, Autonomous Vehicle Systems, Human-Robot Interaction, Mechatronics and Robotics Fundamentals, Robotic Systems, System Dynamics, Systems and Controls ; Graduate Certificate Program Policy); Undergraduate Program Submissions (Art History, B.A.; Art History Minor; Health Sciences, B.S., Concentration in Holistic Health, program; Wellness and Health Promotion Minor; Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences, B.S. - Specialization in Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Specialization in Medical Laboratory Science (MLS), Specialization in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Specialization in Radiologic Technology; Professional and Digital Writing, B.A.; Graphic Design, B.A.; Environmental Science, B.S., Specialization in Environmental Health, Environmental Sustainability, discontinued; Environmental Science and Sustainability, B.S.; Music Education and Performance, Choral and General Music, B.M., program; Music Education and Performance, Instrumental and General Music, B.M., program; English Secondary Teaching Minor, discontinuance of minor; History Secondary Teaching Minor, discontinuance of minor; Mathematics Secondary Teaching Minor, discontinuance of minor; Physics Secondary Teaching Minor, discontinuance of minor); Combined Graduate School and Undergraduate Submissions: None; Assessment Award Update; Governance & Curriculum Approvals ; Update the Senate Committee (Co)Chairs for the Senate Record; Provost’s Updates | 2. Roll Call | 3. Approval of the Minutes of September 19, 2023 | 4. Unfinished Business: None | 5; New Business: Senate Standing Committees Updates and Changes; Senate Budget Review Committee membership (moved to 2nd reading; approved); Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee turning into standing committee (moved to 2nd reading; approved); new Data Science, Bachelor of Science program (moved to 2nd reading; approved); new Eye Research Institution Constitution (moved to 2nd reading; approved) | 6. Good and Welfare | Adjourn



Mechanical Engineering MS, Mechatronics MS, Automotive electrification graduate certificate, Automotive mechatronics graduate certificate, Autonomous Vehicle Systems graduate certificate, Human-Robot Interaction graduate certificate, Mechatronics and Robotics Fundamentals graduate certificate, Robotics, System Dynamics graduate certificate, Systems and Controls graduate certificate, Public Health MPH, Graduate certificate program policy, Art History BA, Health Sciences BS, Wellness, Health Promotion and Injury Prevention BS, Holistic health, Clinical and Diagnostic Sciences BS, Professional and Digital Writing BA, Graphic Design BA, Environmental Science BS, Music Education BM, STEP program, Assessment awards, Mental Health Ad Hoc Committee, Data Science BS, Eye Research Institute constitution, Senate Budget Review Committee