Legalization of Sports Betting: College Student Perception of Michigan Legislative Changes

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This research will be based in Rochester, Michigan and assess the acceptance of legalizing sports betting amongst Oakland University students during a pivotal point in its current legal status due to recent federal ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court. This will offer insight into key financial and ethical factors pertaining to athletic gambling that leads to college students generally support or disproval of Michigan passing this legislation. Collecting this data will showcase public perception on legal and ethical factors in relation to the viability of reforming the law which would allow key problems and strengths of the argument to be identified before a bill was to reach the floor of the Michigan legislature. This population is vital to examine due to over 85% of Oakland University graduates remain in Michigan which translates to these are the voting members of the future and constituents whose ideals tomorrows’ politicians want to appeal to.



Sports, Betting, Sports Betting