The Oakland Observer 1969-02-07

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU Women Fight Institutionalized Double Standard ; WOMEN'S ISSUE Dean of Women Interviewed ; Budget Background: Prospects for 1969-1970 ; Commission Votes on Hours ; ABS BLACK HISTORY WEEK ; Speaker on Black History ; Activities Board Fills Vacant Positions ; ACLU Concerned About Huber Committee ; MSU Fires Radical Prof. ; Program on Thought Reform ; Committee Still Meeting ; PHANTASMAGORIA ; the tube ; ann arbor creative arts festival ; theatre ; lecture ; dance ; The Draft: Panel Discusses Implications ; Outline of Draft Classifications ; The Rev. Morrison Speaks on Draft Resistance ; Opposition Grows to Anti-ballistic Missiles ; NO ABMS HERE: OVERKILL ; Pitts To Speak ; Continuum Center for Women: Adjustment of Change? ; "Sexual Apartheid -Women - Separate But Not So Equal" ; EDITORIALS On Responding To Charges of Racism ; Abolish Regulations End Double Standard ; Women's Liberation: Lessons We (Should) Have Learned ; Response to ABS ; Who is Arrogant - Biased? ; "Poem to the Editor": LIES ; End to Youth Fare Cards ; Cal. Regents in Conflict of Interest? ; Basketball ; Sport Shorts ; Swimmers Take 10 Straight



Women, Budgets, Association of Black Students, Military draft, Continuum Center