The Oakland Post 2012-07-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Back to Life ; Farewell ; Warped ; this month ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; BY THE NUMBERS MEADOW BROOK HALL ; STAFF EDITORIAL Oakland University influx ; EDITORIAL Weighing in: In for a penny; in for a pound ; COLUMN OUSC seeks to create an atmosphere full of creativity; culture ; EDITORIAL Consider majoring in biomedical engineering ; Awbrey names interim vice; associate provosts ; Campus Dean retires after 35 years: College of Arts and Sciences dean plans to write a book using research from OU ; Student housing overbooked for fall: University Housing facing similar dorming problems as last year ; Doctoral student awarded prestigious; national scholarship ; CAMPUS BRIEFS: Men's club golf championship to be held at Katke-Cousins ; Campus Game on: Students create board game utilizing technology ; The recovery of an idle plant ; BY THE NUMBERS ; Working through an ailing economy ; Orion plant goes green ; Playing to a younger crowd: Sonic social media presence geared towards college students ; Campus New website lists free services for students around campus: Services include health care; transportation ; Operating budget remains unsettled for upcoming year ; POLICE FILES: Forced entry in apartment ; GRIZZLIES NEWS: Oakland recruits two basketball transfers ; Sports Annual Golf Classic returns July 30 ; 29th Golden Grizzlies Golf Classic returns to R&S Sharf Katke-Cousins courses ; Sports Vying for Olympic gold: Oakland swimmer Alex Aceino tried his hand for a chance on the U.S. swimming team in June ; Local Changing Detroit through art: The Heidelberg project has turned two blocks on Detroit's East Side into a creative safe haven for local artists; destination for tourists ; Van's Warped tour defeats the heat: Record-threatening heat does not deter fans from all-day; outdoor show ; Grizzly royalty: Alumni sweep competition at Miss michigan pageant ; Kresge fellowship picks Pfeiffer ; Life WHAT'S IN YOUR OFFICE?: Russi's office examined in a new series for Life ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Empty space on campus is 'severely depressed: Souless matter wonders why it can't be the home to overbooked housing students ; SATIRE Monthly TOP 10



Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Awbrey, Susan, Student housing, Scholarships, Social media, Budgets, Golf, Olympics, Miss Michigan, Russi, Gary