The Oakland Post 1988-01-18

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Holiday celebrates King's acts ; Surf's up ; Less students; fewer funds force increase in tuition ; Trustee says dream lives: Believes Americans don't value country ; Low math scores prompt class change: Math 141 uses new format ; Enrollment decline forces Congress budget cuts ; Macomb County enrollment increases ; Figure Eight ; More students entering colleges ; Campuses participate in Palestinian protests ; NEWS BRIEFS Video machines taken from hall ; Larceny suspect goes to court ; Speakers stolen ; Faculty absences approach 13 ; AP; CT vacancies number 36 ; March celebrates King's birthday ; Court condones censorship ; Students should appreciate arts ; BAM time to recognize racial differences ; Letters to the Editor ACC 200-210 exams should be offered at night for students ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Tanning salons gain popularity despite apparent health risks ; What's Happening ; 'Good Morning Vietnam' contains more than stand-up comedy ; History professor wins recognition: Receives highest award possible ; Mother of four becomes residence halls student ; Milk crate thefts result in law punishing offenders ; Campus changes become evident by remembering '68 ; In 1968 ; Sole male cheerleader enjoys job ; Sole male cheerleader enjoys job ; In her own words: 'I'm a swimmer' ; Cagers in first; Lakers fall hard ; Lady tankers take close one from Wright State ; Groggery still undefeated; Sigma falls ; Swimmers lose to U of M Oakland divers can't keep up with Michigan crew ; Hoop team hums; Cagers trump Lakers: Gregory gets assist lying on floor ; Student skater and sister compete nationally: Couple places 12th despite injured hand ; Fencers beat two teams at MSU meet ; Oakland fencers lose at December event



Tuition, Failure rate, Enrollment, Sharf, Stephan, Sandoval, Anne, Protests, Tanning salons, Karasch, Mary, Butt, Mary, Milk crates, Krueger, Dave