Hemophilia Treatment Accessibility: An Analysis of Unexplored Barriers

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In the research conducted, the accessibility of treatment for the bleeding disorder hemophilia is explored. While current care for people with this genetic anomaly is available, there are additional concerns and variables surrounding the medical advancement and treatment which should be considered not only by health professionals, but also in the medical laboratory setting. This thesis asks what the problems and hindrances with the generalized path of care prescribed are, and with the knowledge acquired, it pursues to recognize the under-discussed barriers to hemophilia and how to better advance the future care of hemophilia patients by creating a basis of discussion to these barriers for future and current healthcare professionals’ use. With this uncovered information, it is expected that the understanding of the potential hardships with hemophilia care is furthered, and while the analysis strives to ultimately benefit people with this disorder, it also seeks to encourage healthcare professionals to gain an improved understanding that the knowledge of diversely accessible treatment options is essential in the workplace.



Hemophilia, HTCs, Blood disorders, Adolescents, Women with hemophilia