The Oakland Post 2005-09-07



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


BEAR NECESSITIES ; OU WEAR SALES ARE CONFINED TO CAMPUS FOR NOW ; Disaster chief waited until after Katrina hit ; OUPD Issues 191 tickets ; Drtmken-driving deaths decline in 32 states in 2004 ; Supreme Court seat 'wide open' ; Tech center teaches users to be tech savvy ; POLICE FILES ; OU helps freshmen transition ; UP AND COMING ; Campus crimes drop ; Comic; prizes save day ; NEWS IN SHORT: OU offers scholarship support after Katrina ; Help victims off Hurricane Katrina ; Katrina victims enroll in local schools ; Michigan will allow past allegations in sex offense cases ; Gardeners help fill needs at food banks ; LETTER TO THE EDITOR Student aid falls short of expectations for married housing ; Get sporty: OU pride in athletics ; STAFF COLUMN Bush proves inept in the midst of a national crisis ; Student Opinion ; Hot off the press: Katrina and gas are dating ; White House; Congress unlikely to keep targeted bases open ; KATRINA How the crisis evolved ; life (lif) n.; The physical; mental and spiritual experiences that constitute existence. Rally sparks school spirit ; Denver dies at 70 ; Arts Beats and Eats raises disaster relief ; Life is full of choices ; Save lives; make money; donate plasma ; Unemployment rate dips to four-year low ; Crohn's affects OU student ; Redheads at higher risk for skin cancer ; Student Health Questions Answered ; The SPORTS Slate ; SPORTS SHORTS: Men's soccer falls at Matador Invite ; Players lose more than family homes: Saints march on despite tragedy ; Cross country sets high goals ; Grizzlies outlast Broncos ; From Norway to OU; journey pays off



Oakland University Police Department, Technology, Freshmen, Crime, Hurricane Katrina, Student activities, Health