Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, March 31, 1977

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Schedule matrix. Approved. Reading Education-Ph.D. (SEHS) 1st reading. Senate-Constitution-amendments. Senate-invitation to University President to deliver an annual report on the state of the University. Writing proficiency-must be completed before enrollment in upper level classes. 1st reading. Academic conduct-University Policy Statement on Academic Conduct adopted. Advanced placement exams-criteria for granting credit. 2d reading. Approved. College Level Examination Program (CLEP)-Criteria for granting credit. 2d reading. Approved. Credits-Advanced Placement Exams. Criteria for granting credit. Approved. Competency-competency credit. Criteria for granting credit. 2d reading. Approved. Credits-competency credit. Criteria for granting credit. Approved. Accelerated Degree Program rescinded. Approved. Open Meeting Act. Board of Trustees policy, Info item. Academic conduct-revised University Policy on Academic Conduct. Report adopted.


Agenda and Minutes for the March 31, 1977 Meeting of the University Senate


Class schedule matrix, Reading Education PhD, Oakland University. Senate, Constitutions, University presidents, State of the University, Annual report, Writing proficiency, Academic conduct, University policy statements, Advanced placement examinations, AP exams, College Level Examination program, CLEP, Credits, Competency credits, Accelerated degree program, Open Meetings Act, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, SEHS, Oakland University. School of Education and Human Services, Constitutional amendments