The Oakland Post 1999-01-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Thomas' parents sue university members ; Three VPAA candidates to visit campus ; OU athletics director fires baseball coaches; volleyball coach walks ; FAST FACTS ; "Blizzard of '99" causes road hazards ; Student Affairs Student Affairs EVENTS ; ON CAMPUS Golf course controversy continues ; Priority list of projects for donors does not exist; claim officials ; AAUP grievance goes to arbitration ; Animal lab to house top equipment ; Martin Luther King; Jr. Celebration Day ; CRIME WATCH ; Reported Theft ; Truck Break In ; Is OU "dissing" students with disabilities? ; PERSPECTIVES ; EDITOR'S VIEW Snow rings in new year; take extra precautions ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Student feels animal lab useless ; OU graduate supports second golf course ; Community concerns snubbed ; CENTER FOR STUDENT ACTIVITIES: THIS WEEK ; OUTSIDE OAKLAND COMMUNITY CALENDAR: FESTIVALS & SHOWS ; LECTURES ; JOB FAIRS ; OF INTEREST TO ALL ; Auto show goes high-tech; interactive ; Your of sky sentencing set for March 1 ; La Nina transforms Motown into "Snowtown" ; Journey through Paris ; Resolutions don't matter - happiness does ; CURRENT EVENTS ; ON CAMPUS ; THEATRE ; MUSIC ; EXHIBITS ; MISCELLANEOUS ; Equality theme of play; month ; IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Story told with laughter; tears ; Students opinions vary concerning resolutions ; GET OUT Magic Bag brews movies; more ; MUSIC TO YOUR EARS Folkie DiFranco grooves her way ; FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT: TELEVISION ; FILM ; MUSIC ; VIDEO ; Take a break from work; school; just get out! ; SPORTS Time to hit the slopes ; Spencer Lake is frozen; ready for winter sports ; SPB once again sells out weekend ski trip ; Planning a day of skiing? Check this out first ; Snow is here; and with it came winter sports ; Men fall to VU in final minutes ; Grizzly Gals foul out against VU ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: SARAH JUDD WOMEN'S BASKETBALL ; GRIZZLIES ; INSIDE SPORTS



Lawsuits, Provosts, American Association of University Professors, Blizzards, Oakland University Art Gallery, Detroit Institute of Arts, Equality, New year's resolutions, Skiing