The End of the French Empire and the Debut of the Francophone World: Algeria’s Post-Colonial Views of the World

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In this paper, I will examine how Algeria presented these newfound goals and identities to the world at the UN in the early years of its independence. I will start by completing a review of the current literature that relates to the topic of newly independent nations and Algerian foreign policy. I will then base my central hypotheses on the current scholarship to see if Algerian leaders use the same type of rhetoric which former scholars have said newly independent nations and Algeria respond to independence. I believe, based in the literature review, that Algeria will be a voice for change in the international community, and particularly focus on ideas of equality, justice, and nonalignment. I also believe that they will argue that colonialism continued, despite political independence, in the economic dependency of former colonized nations on their former colonizers. Lastly, I believe that countries will minimize their discussion of colonialism when they focus on issues of security and stability. I found that the first hypothesis is consistent with evidence and that Algerian leaders talked many times. The existence of the need to end colonialism and fight for equality, justice, and nonalignment was evident in these documents. I also found that Algerian leaders focused the perpetuation of colonial hierarchy in the international economic system and the need to create new economic relations while not focusing on economic dependency. I lastly found that while Algerian leaders did talk of colonialism while discussing stability and security as they saw the two ideas tied to each other.



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