Literature Analysis Comparing Mother-Newborn Skin-to-Skin Contact Following Cesarean Section and Vaginal Births

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The goal of this thesis project is to gather information regarding immediate mother-newborn skin-to-skin contact following vaginal and cesarean births in hopes of reinforcing the importance of skin-to-skin contact and promote a nursing practice change. It has been shown that immediate skin-to-skin contact can help improve newborn health and growth and induce a stronger mother to child bond. The analysis will delve into the importance of skin-to-skin contact, the reasons behind non-compliance, current practice of skin-to-skin contact via different birthing methods and the future of skin-to-skin contact practice. This thesis will provide more supportive evidence to encourage a change in nursing practice to promote a mother’s contact with the newborn as quickly and often as possible. The results and benefits of this project will be to improve transitional care for mothers and newborns after a cesarean or vaginal birth.



Skin to skin contact, Maternal newborn, Kangaroo care, Cesarean section, Vaginal births