The Oakland Post 1997-11-12



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


SBA student lab opened in Varner Hall ; OPEN FORUM ; CLASSIC RHYTHMS ; COURT SIDE PREVIEW ; Recycle Be considerate of our planet ; Bill in works to limit drunken driving ; Students offered tax credit on school ; Campus News Fast Facts ; CRIME WATCH ; Administration; students address alcohol policy at OU ; OU donates the gift of life ; Book swap to make money off used books ; Changes suggested to accommodate growing community ; Alcohol impacts the lives of all young adults ; EDITOR'S VIEW Cramming it in to get out in less time ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Students want to challenge arguments in guest column: Kosofsky criticized for attacking Christian groups ; Guest columnist missed the mark in homosexual article ; Library tries to rectify lacking resources ; Letters to the Editor Students outraged over sports column content: Swimmers' tradition prevails team suspension ; 'Respectability' and 'reputation' questioned ; Setback makes athletes even more determined ; Editor's views deemed one-sided and unjust ; Mitch Albom brings controversy due to strike ; Research in previous letter disputed ; Features RECYCLE This: America Recycles Day brings issues to the forefront ; Abstinence is an option for all people ; Take action: Recycle all year round ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; History professor discusses race and the UAW ; Duo brings music to OU's ears ; The VCR REVIEW "Another 9 1/2 Weeks" is not sexy at all ; Sports Posting up the competition ; Francis takes Women's Basketball into new era ; OU turns to revenge in season finale ; OU's importance in the rivalry of athletics ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; Pioneers take to hardwood of Bubble ; Men's Basketball relies on youth for setting foundations ; Student Affairs EVENTS Updating OU



Computers, Oakland University. School of Business Administration, Varner Hall, Recycling, Alcohol policy, Blood drives, Sexuality, Barnard, Jack