The Oakland Post 2014-09-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


PARKING PARADISE ; this week ; PHOTO OF THE WEEK ; Perspectives STAFF EDITORIAL What will yOU do? ; Campus Coffee naps: when opposites attract: Oakland Post Staff Reporter Kaleigh Jerzykowski discusses the benefits of taking a quick nap right after a dose of coffee ; Campus Grizzlies on the Prowl: "What is your advice for incoming freshmen?" ; POLICE FILES Underage drinking at Hill House ; Life: Oakview Hall opens this semester with updated dorms; bigger Honors College ; Campus OU parking reaches the next level ; New four-story deck adds 1240 spots; decreases traffic congestion ; Campus The vegetables aren't the only things growing ; Student Organic Farm program receives new steel hoop house; extends growing season to 10 months ; Campus A matter of transparency: the Affordable Care Act and the student employees of OU ; The maximum hours student employees can work at OU have gone up and down; leaving students and staff confused as to why exactly those numbers are changing ; CENTER OF ATTENTION: THE ELLIOTT TOWER STANDS TALL ON CAMPUS ; Sports Welcome to the club: Oakland University offers several club sport choices for students ; THE SPORTING BLITZ Cross Country ; Sports "See the bear - be the bear" ; New athletic director JeffKonya aims to create new attitude for OU athletics ; Sports Men's soccer flounders; women's scores stay steady: Grizzlies carry home a mixed bag of wins; losses ; Life Organizations ask for help in aiding the homeless: PATH encourages student awareness for homeless ; League of Laughter promises lots of "lol"s ; Small beginnings of OUTV's comic improv show expands rapidly ; Life GSC receives a special note ; President Obama surprises Oakland University's Gender and Sexuality Center with an authentic letter ; ALS ice bucket challenge takes the social media world by storm ; Life The Hermit' debuts in public: Special lecturer Doris Plantus publishes novella based on Romanian folklore ; Puzzles ; Mouthing Off SATIRE Friends aren't forever



Parking, Oak View Hall, Residence halls, Dormitories, Student Organic Farm, Student employment, Elliott Tower, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports, Homelessness, Oakland University. Gender and Sexuality Center