The Oakland Post 1999-09-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Congress argues over budget ; Russi receives 30K pay increase ; Coke gets canned ; student Affairs UPDATING OU ; THIS WEEK ; UPCOMING EVENTS ; CRIME watch ; Banner fouls student pay; problems plague fall launch ; Dorms filled to capacity: Some students are living in tight quarters ; Congress President previews year Studens First ; Fall Commencement slated for Sunday at Baldwin Pavilion ; Family Notices ; EDITOR'S view Administration should refocus expenditures on academics; student needs ; LETTERS TO THE editor ; local Edge: Festivals & Shows ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; Technology threatens history: Videotapes; photographs and disk will soon top the list of obsolete technology ; Four Day FORECAST ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Waiting Out Y2K ; Probing hurts politics ; BiZarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; Chuck Shepherd's NEWS OF THE weird ; God the Micromanager ; Police Blotter ; British producers dreams come true ; 'Stigmata' lacks substance Movie FAILS TO RESSURECT INTEREST IN THE AUDIENCE ; Advice to freshmen on what NOT to do ; life Edge Concerts ; FILM ; ON SALE ; COMING SOON ; Have a nice day cafe gets psychedelic reviews ; Tricky business OU grad performs at Magic Bag: Detroit native; Trick Trick debuts album; Revelations ; Back in time RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL ; Opener starts in an 'Odd' way Meadow Brook opens 34th season with Odd Couple ; For Your ENTERTAINMENT: literature ; film & art ; music ; stage ; Students putting up stink; Allegedly ; sports Edge SCOREBOARD WOMEN'S SOCCER ; Upcoming GAMES ; Anita Rapp's quest for the cup: Junior Grizzly midfielder Anita Rapp; travels to Norway to compete for the World Cup Norway places fourth overall ; Determined to get the ball; Grizzlies use their heads ; Volleyball opens home season ; women enter tournament with an 0-5 record; leave with an overall record of 2-6 ; Runners lead the way ; Nike uses nudity to sell sporting goods ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold ; Grizzly women roar over Eastern Illinois; shutout by University of Wisconsin ; Increased school spirit inspires "Best Seat": Student Body President Nick Mitchell proposes VIP seating for two lucky students at all OU home basketball games ; OU forces Fresno to sudden death; Snape shoots game winner



Russi, Gary, Oakland University. Student Congress, Banner system, Dormitories, Residence halls