The Oakland Observer 1967-01-20

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Chancellor Discusses Aims - Budget - Size ; Club Displays - Bar Highlight Wheels Day ; "Source of Confusion" Grading System Change Proposed ; Psychiatrist Szasz: Most Mental Hospitals "No Better Than A Concentration Camp" ; Christmas Gift From Mrs. Wilson ; Aid Florence Commitee Set ; OU Reject Makes Good ; Editorial Page The Oakland Observer: Perspective On The Theatre ; Salute The Salads ; What A Difference A Day Makes ; Fail-Safe Computer Needed: Hypersonic Transport Impractical; Gibson Explores Transportation Developments ; NSF Sponsored Students Carry On Chem Research ; Super Exams New Blood For Old Camp ; Out Of The Past: MAC Women's Regs. ; Denny Appointed As New Meadow Brook PR Man ; Hill - Vandenberg - Anibal DC Elects Three Newies ; Campus Calendar ; B-Ball Team Has Ups And Downs ; Defeated by Illinois Tankers Set School Record ; OU To Encounter OCC And Wayne ; Art Furrer Presents Ski Shows



Varner, Durward B., 1917-1999, Grading systems, Technology