The Oakland Post 2017-06-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


President Pescovitz: Weeks stand between Pescovitz and Oakland's seventh presidency ; Tuition Rises. Board of Trustees votes on tuition increase; arts; and athletics ; Cameras Rolling. New specialization in cinema studies program introduced ; Williams gives back. OU soccer player helps kids in Liberia attend school and play the game ; Commemorating 50 years of service from the OUPD: Oakland University Police Department celebrates half a century of being a vital part of safety and security on campus ; Meeting of Minds celebrates 25 years of undergraduate research: MOM conference comes to OU for its jubilee celebration; students from multiple majors present their findings ; Police Briefs: Forcible Contact in Hamlin Hall ; Damage of Property in Elliot Hall ; Oakland SECS professor creates world's largest online learning course: Barbara Oakley creates "Learning How to Learn"; states that the cost to create was much less than other online classes ; Gay Straight Alliance branches out to volunteer at Pride events: GSA plans on attending Michigan Pride events; past students comment on inclusivity at Oakland ; Students respond to minimum wage increase ; King Arthur hits theaters; Dancing through Parkinson's Disease: Take Root returns to Oakland University with free classes ; OU Alumni earns role on Fox's "Empire" ; MTD presents "Wiley and the Hairy Man" ; "This is a once in a lifetime opportunity": Ora Hirsch Pescovitz becomes the second female president in OU history; scheduled to begin July 1 ; How much does a university president make ; "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales: - fifth installment sinks an already wrecked ship ; Political Focus: The Paris Climate Agreement ; My worst nightmare: Pilot: A flightless bird or a sci-fi reality? Waverly Labs' Pilot attempts to break language barriers ; 'Alien: Covenant' - A promising prequel ; Summertime destination madness ; Men's basketball coach will be inducted to Michigan's Sports Hall of Fame: Men's basketball coach humbly receives historic achievement after 33 years; responds by continuing to volunteer with Coaches Beat Cancer ; Associate athletic trainer steps down due to ALS ; Oakland University's men's basketball will take on MSU at Little Caesars Arena ; Golden Grizzlies met challenges in baseball and softball tournaments ; Williams with a mission in Liberia ; We cheer and dance together: Integrated Cheer and Dance team starts from scratch



Pescovitz, Ora Hirsch, Tuition rates, Oakland University Police Department, Undergraduate research, Gay Straight Alliance, Minimum wage, Charity, Kampe, Greg, Cheerleading, Dance