Does the Great Lakes Basin have novel genotypes of the common reed Phragmites australis?

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The common reed Phragmites australis is present in both native and introduced subspecies throughout North America, and the introduced subspecies is highly invasive. The population of the invasive introduced subspecies in the Midwest is generally thought to be a single genetic lineage. In the following project, difficult to identify stands of Phragmites were investigated and evidence was found of more than one genetic lineage in the introduced population. Chloroplast and nuclear gene sequencing results from the project provided evidence that atypical samples can be identified as a different haplotype than the common introduced lineage, with proposed region-specificity to Missaukee County and Blake Lake areas of Michigan. Further studies of other genetic loci are needed for the expansion of knowledge regarding the atypical introduced haplotype, which will allow natural resource managers to treat and control the spread of the species post-identification.



invasive species, biology, plant genetics, genetic sequencing