The Oakland Post 2017-12-06

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Bring the Noise. An inside look at how Grizz Gang works; and how they hope to take their cheers to LCA ; Bah; Humbug. Meadow Brook performs its yearly run of "A Christmas Carol" ; War on Christmas. Trump says "Happy Holidays" undermines Christianity ; #Wear the Bear. Neal Ruhl speaks about running new Athletics podcast ; Religion and OUPD: Looking back to an age-old debate about whether or not one's personal beliefs should enter the workplace ; OU Ethics Bowl goes national ; Sexual harassment discussed by students ; CASA focuses on helping those in need ; Life in the "trailer park" has taught people a thing or two ; George Sanders: Professor of Sociology and WGS ; Curiosity is a never-ending part of his teaching life ; And the name for the new building is - Hillcrest Hall: After months of waiting; the name for the new building was finally announced ; Useful tips to prepare for finals: Seniors tell all on the best places to study during exam season ; Dance program raises money for ALS community ; Walk a mile in our shoes ; Bah; Humbug (Scrooge tells all) ; Hanukkah Facts ; 7 Principles of Kwanzaa ; Christmas Gifts Through the Years ; OUWB raises awareness on World AIDS day ; Oakland faculty; students travel to Germany for biological conference ; Detroit artist releases new single; EP coming ; Pixar's new movie is an emotional triumph ; Are the Grammy's trying too hard to be diverse? ; GOP tax reform could harm OU students: The Bill creates problems for those in college; including tuition hikes and loss of waivers ; Should Trump really be trying to end "War on Christmas"?: The president rants yet again about political correctness; this time focusing on the holidays ; 10 media buzzwords that will piss you off: For literally no reason; at all; whatsoever ; The red cups runneth over with holiday cheer: Political debate continues to distract from real issues; Armica and Smithsonian talk the facts ; #WEARtheBEAR: A new way to share OU Athletics with students ; The Golden Grizzlies Athletic fund now has a board of advisers ; Oakland University's GGAF now has leaders to help athletics fundraise ; The Grizz Gang's game day perspective: This student organization knows how to bring spirit ; Want to become a Grizz Gang member?



Religions, Sexual harassment, Oakland Center, Construction, Hillcrest Hall, Final examinations, Dance, Charity, AIDS, Grizz Gang