A Narrative Literature Review of the Psychological Hindrances Affecting Return to Sport After Injuries

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After different sport injuries, athletes may express different psychological emotions that lead to stress. These emotions include anger, fear, frustration, anxiety and depression which may lead to lack of confidence and/or fear of sustaining a new injury. This thesis, in the form of a narrative review, aims to focus on the psychological hindrances that can be present when the athlete is planning on returning to the sport after injury to an anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) or concussion. The review will summarize the shared common and the different psychological hindrances that may be found in athletes after an ACL injury or concussion. A generation of a list for such hindrances will educate others about the psychological barriers which may affect the injured athletes from returning to sport.



ACL injuries, Concussions, Return to sport, Psychological Hindrances