The Oakland Observer 1965-09-10

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


WELCOME FRESHMEN ; Exploding Toilets Wreak Havoc On The Hill ; Sunday Flicks $4 ; 30% Tripled: Returnees Swell Ranks ; Summer Election Council Reorganized ; Frosh Indoctrinated ; Editorial Today Is Freshies' Day ; Just Plain Folk ; Stamp Out "Tourists" ; Comment If at first ; We're Home Again! ; A Tribute Dean Sells Students' Man ; Thanks Cornell! ; The Best Years ; ICA - IM Activity Underway ; Petty Patter ; Varner Promises Freshmen Continued Emphasis on Individual Despite Size ; Emphasizes Student Development ; OU Residence HallsMore Than Bed and Board ; Obear Slaps Parental "Heavy-Hand" Attitude ; Busy Place We Take Care of Freshmen ; She's Dean of Women Too ; Frosh Intellects Read View "Flies" ; Mrs. Wilson ; OU Awards 43 Degrees in First Summer Commen' nt ; DAFS Series Moves To Hills Theater: Prices Go Up ; Distinguish Art From Ideas ; Work Available Part-Time Job "Educational" ; "Not a Yearbook" Ascendent Needs Staff ; Collateral Series Survives Again; Begins Sept. 21 ; Calendar



Sells, J. Duncan, Freshmen, Obear, Frederick W., Residence halls, Dormitory Council, Varner, Durward B., 1917-1999, Convocation, Commencement