The Oakland Post 1989-10-16

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Graham Health Center reports large increase in cases of cancer-causing HPV ; Two members of alleged auto-theft ring arrested at OU ; Best friends ; University investigates activity at Labor Center ; Senate lowers standards for accepting transfer students ; After training; Kresge library satisfies abatement requirements ; Trustee Hartmann reelected to second term as board chairperson ; News Briefs Employee's car taken for 'joy ride' ; Prank phone calls bother student ; Fleet called for alcohol injury ; Survey finds what dorms are 'made up of' ; Quick draw ; Students collect for Hugo victims ; Dorm Notes Hamlin Hall ; Hill House ; Admission policy leaves us guessing ; Letter to the Editor Hurricane names not reflective ; Out Land ; Busy work 101 ; Tutors learn through pupils ; Technology does not benefit the working woman ; Sassy stand-up ; Sexual harassment myths explained ; What's Happening ; College fashion: what's hot; what's not ; New man on campus ; Shows worth seeing: Several between - season suggestions ; Kampe's ready for the spotlight ; Volleyballers trim Huskies ; Soccer team sets sights on Gannon game ; Golf team finishes a fine fall ; MONDAY NIGHT PICKS ; Women's Soccer club playing like a team ; "Pump - You up" ; Harriers running better ; Fencer third at USFA tournament ; Tennis team tripped twice



Graham Health Center, HPV, University Senate, Transfer students, Hartmann, Patricia, Kresge Library, Dormitories, Hurricane Hugo, Tutoring, Academic Skills Center, Technology, Howell, Shea, Sexual harassment, Fashion, Fencing, Residence halls, Oakland University. The Tutoring Center