Alienation in College Students and Their Reasons for Travel


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People travel all over the world for a variety of reasons. During a student’s college experience, is a time for exploration and understanding one's identity and to a lesser extent discovering their historical roots amongst other college students. Some of these experiences allow students to study abroad, participate in class trips, and visit new destinations. However, limited research prevents the idea behind the reasons behind why college students yearn to travel to new destinations and if it plays a key role in solving identity issues. To fill this gap, this research will go into depth about the importance of identity among college students and why traveling to new destinations may pose a reason for clarity in understanding who they are. Cultural identity research amongst college students that live in America or students who have had family come to America overseas is an issue that is worth taking a look into in terms of young students and their ability to understand their cultural identity. This research will add to the questioning of identity in young adults and how it affects identity crisis in terms of travel. The benefits of this research may answer some of the questions that come with cultural identity issues among college students and how travel may come as a beneficial aspect in this department.



travel, communication, study abroad, ailenation, identity, traveling