The Oakland Observer 1965-02-26



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


$17,374 Federal Grant Finances Anti-poverty Work-Study Program ; Need Profs Says AA UP ; Taylor Addresses Honorees ; OU Frat Discussion Quiet ; DDO'D Returns From Month's Eastern Tour ; It Snowed! ; Editorial We Don't Need Greeks! ; Quality not Quantity ; Council Notes On the Road ; Comment on Issues of Interest to the University Community: Reason Leads Us To Major Beards ; Blessed art thou ; Is there More? ; Enter the Newest Contest! ; Misericorde: A Translator's Note ; REQ to Where the Girls Are ; Overseas Study Director on Campus Today ; Basement Area of Library To Get Vending Machines ; "Show and Tell" ; Where Do We Stand? ; Con-Con Votes Yes: We'll Have One Yet! ; Select Student for Orientation ; Advance Fees Now Required ; Calendar ; Electronics In Library ; Infirmary May Expand ; Committee Seeks Yearbook Editor ; Tankers Dump EMU Frosh ; Maher Resignation Retroactive To January ; Anibal Takes Solid Lead ; OU Breaks Even in Sports Day



Taylor, Harold, Fraternities, Kresge Library, Oakland University. Student Congress, Orientation, Oakland University. Graham Health Center