The Oakland Post 1993-06-09



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


New Science Building ; Board of Trustees meetings for 1993-94 ; Tuition hiked; 'needed' for growth ; Packard; staff flipflop offices in 'mass move' ; Butt Out Smoking banned on campus with exceptions ; Sigma Alpha Sigma ; Graduation ceremonies celebrate student efforts ; Road construction plows forward; end is in sight ; Graduate school tuition rises ; Job outlook tight for college grads ; Flexible scheduling pleases workers ; National DIGEST ; Number of African students dwindle ; OUR VIEW The price of higher education ; Oakland University's new smoking policy: Pro: Smoker will douse in accordance of new rule ; Con: Board's new policy discriminates against smokers ; 'Booger' picks new career writing movies: Oakland graduate credits acting academy for nurturing his career ; Student groups receive awards Oakland forensics team wins prestigious national award ; Cloud Nine snares accolade ; Student steps forward as new ABS 'spokesperson' ; Excursions ; Festival crammed with Maniacs; docs; divas ; Bungee-Ball blends best of volleyball and beach ; Sounds of summer at OU ; CIPO Patio Concerts ; A problem with ambivalence ; Gender Equity: A sporting proposition ; Kampe finds that good things come in twos and threes ; Chapoton retires ; 'I did have fun. But I'm out of coachinq for good.' ; Pioneers second best in President's Cup: OU ranks second in all-sports for '93 ; Misery loves company - and tennis ; Final overall OU Baseball statistics 1993 (43 games) ; 1993 GLIAC Men's Tennis Championship Results: Final team results (total points)



Tuition rates, Packard, Sandra, Smoking policy, Squirrel Road widening, Armstrong, Curtis, Forensics, Association of Black Students