The Oakland Post 1989-10-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Charity sparks food fight ; Probert discusses drug and alcohol abuse at lecture ; Brock to discuss job market ; Googasian speaks for the advancement of women ; College; government officials want beer cans; posters and ads off campuses ; Chalking one up ; Computer fees slated for winter ; Dorm Notes Van Wagoner holds euchre contest ; Hill experiences meltdown ; News Briefs Money stolen from Lepley Sports Center ; Stolen cars returned ; Tires slashed in vengeful attack ; Car stereo stolen ; Corrections ; Apple a day ; Computer fee: another link in the chain of rising education costs ; Harassment policy ineffective without knowledge or trust ; We shouldn't be so quick to judge athletes' alcohol troubles ; Letters to the Editor Harassment policy already exists for OU ; Parking tickets more infuriating given lack of parking spaces ; Paper should focus on OU's soccer team ; Victims of Hugo need help from all who can spare it ; TV echos past ; Troupe dazzles troops in Europe ; Fitness fads prove fake ; 'Black Rain' soaked with talent; action ; John's latest is no sleeper ; Wellness is key to happiness ; Black Rain (R) ; Steroids still a problem ; Second half of soccer helps Pioneers beat U.of D. ; Netters getting stuffed ; Intramural Heisman? ; Harriers hurry to third at Monarch ; A pair or birds snatch first place away from golf team at tournament ; Fore! ; Volleyballers show no mercy on latest victims ; MONDAY NIGHT PICKS



Probert, Robert, Detroit Red Wings, Drugs, Computer usage fee, Charity, Brock, William Emerson, 1930-2021, Googasian, Phyllis Law, American Council on Education national identification program, Meadow Brook Estate ensemble, Men's golf