The Oakland Post 1997-11-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


AVOID ILLNESS ; SEX TALK ; SOCCER GOALS ; Knoche headed to trial ; Cronn denies institute ; Kresge library resources raise concern among students; faculty ; CAMPUS NEWS Food-borne illnesses; protect yourself ; Fast Facts: Training Seminar at OU ; New housing options for students in near future ; CRIME WATCH: Vehicle Stolen ; EDITOR'S VIEW: Top officials use political clout; hamper more progress ; OPINION ; Sports column evokes criticism over suspension coverage ; Pride remains after drinking allegations put swim teams' competition on hold ; Campus programs target alcohol problems ; FEATURES Sex on our campus ; Survey shows many students sexually active ; Music affects sexual activities; students said ; Make up your own mind about sexual practices ; OU EVENTS: MUSIC ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; Acting a classic; The cast of MTD's Shakespearean play blooms to excellence ; New class e-mails; no attendance necessary ; Music To Your Ears Daft Punk brings techno to the next level ; SPORTS Diversity sets season standards ; Going through the motions ; Pioneers sending seniors away as part of most successful women's team ever ; Coach Nick O'Shea on the seniors ; Searching the talent pool of Oakland County



Kresge Library, Residence halls, Sexuality