The Oakland Post 1990-04-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Professor; former editor named Free Press publisher ; Financial aid default rate at OU lower than national rate ; Racial issues challenged ; Community finds difficulty in naming a culture ; Vocal author Crouch shares week with OU ; SPB awaits license for T.G.I.A.O. beer bash ; Opinion Ill-chosen words hinder relations ; Letters to the Editor Swimmers neglected ; SPB open to all ; Post unfair in Greek coverage ; Respect is needed from all on campus ; Campus must face racial imbalances ; What's in a name? A quandry for the Post ; Nursing blues ; Eating disorders: When feast or famine take control: Two young women discuss their bouts with anorexia and bulimia ; Archaeologist to speak about ancient discoveries ; Girls on the road ; Immigrants settle at MBT ; Q: What do you think about student organizations? ; Helping olympians go for the gold ; What's Happening ; QUAYLE KOLLEGE ; C'mon guys; play ball ; Pioneers open with road split ; I got it; I think ; 'It seems like only yesterday' ; Women's basketball season one to remember ; Wide by 2 miles



Shine, Neal, 1930-2007, Financial aid, Association of Black Students, Eating disorders