The Oakland Post 2017-02-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Building OU brick by brick: Construction continues on new residence hall between Pawley Hall and P-32 ; Good Vibes. A cappella group Gold Vibrations wins ICCA quarterfinals and advances to semifinals ; Golden Guys. Men's basketball alumni return to the O'rena to be honored as All Half-Century Team ; President Hynd's statement on the executive order on immigration ; Gold Vibrations wins quarterfinals: A capella group advances; takes individual awards ; Service-based student groups dine with the Hynds: OU president and first lady open historical Sunset Terrace ; Recruiting the finest for Greek life at Oakland ; Unique; cheap dates around metro Detroit ; 'Rumors' has it at Varner Hall: Play full of humor; 'hilarious characters' takes the stage; select shows will be shadow-signed for the deaf ; Saurin steps down as head coach for women's soccer ; Comeback efforts fall short: Men's team drops the ball; loses 80-72 to Green Bay ; Winterfest Tailgate heats uo cold night in P16 ; Winterfest 2016 ; Golden Grizzlies honor All Half-Century Team ; Overtime win for men's basketball ; Double the trouble: Golden Grizzlies boast not just one; but two hockey teams ; Little makes name for herself n Oakland's lineup ; Drew's Review: Migos release sophomore album; 'Culture' ; 'Hell or High Water': Thrilling bank heist film draped in generational poverty ; The birth of the Islamic State - 'Black Flags: The Rise of ISIS' ; Political Focus: Trump exaggerates claims of voter fraud ; Remembering black history: Racism; slavery and Frederick Douglass ; New residence hall progress ; Repairs in Oak View keep maintenance busy ; Flash Fiction Contest accepting student and alumni submissions: Contest entries can be submitted until March 1 ; Police briefs: Through the SFH looking glass; Just Five ; CMI hosts annual African American Celebration Month ; Book drive part of African American Celebration Month



Campus development, Residence halls, Construction, Hynd, George W., Gold Vibrations, Greek letter societies, African American Celebration Month