The Oakland Post 2009-09-02



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Welcome Back 2009-2010 ; THIS WEEK ; STAFF EDITORIAL OU can't afford its 'affordability' ; Prestige isn't all that it's cracked up to be ; Kids and teens need a clear message about sex: "I'm confused as to why a woman needs to be sexy to turn down sex." ; Breaking down the budget ; AAUP to hold event ; New courses added ; Student Organization Sampler: Politics Forum for American Political Enlightenment ; Kresge events bring poetry to OU ; POLICE FILES ; STOP PAYING FOR FOOD. FREEFOODATOU.COM ; Not the average break: Faculty conduct unusual field research activities in summer ; "Everyone thinks you got an easy job - teach eight months; take four months off. But if you're not advancing in these four months; you're not doing your job." ; THE LIFE OF THE MIND ; How professors spent their summer vacations ; ATTENTION OU STUDENTS! ; Comerica offers College Night ; Man decries deportation case linked to WWII ; ECOs seeks student volunteers ; Local News Briefs: Mich.; Wis. governors to hold clean energy forum ; Burning questions for Alexisonfire ; Game challenge encourages indie spirit ; BIGWORDS mean cheap books ; Soccer season kicks off ; Grizzlies victorious in home opener ; Scrimmage gives new players needed experience ; GRIZZ OF THE WEEK ; The new semester shakedown ; One reporter explores the annual first day rituals and phenomenons ; Looking back at last season in a summer daze ; Go away; autumn: A last glimpse of summer through the eyes of one lazy student ; Same-sex marriages begin in Vermont ; Schools look to teacher furloughs to trim budgets ; Madonna wraps up tour in Israel



Sexuality, Budgets, Union contracts, Kresge Library, Poetry, Faculty, Detroit Tigers, Environment, Video games