The Oakland Post 2005-01-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


New year; same issues ; Advocate brings 'the dream' to OU ; Former congressman will share experiences ; Security problems slow disaster relief ; WEEKEND OUTLOOK ; The war against cancer focuses on a key gene ; Cold war: how to fight back during the sick season ; Portion control prevents obesity ; Hospital patents DNA probes; new hope for genetic disorders ; COLD FACTS ; Waves of destruction ; It could happen here ; What is a tsunami and how does it occur?: did you KNOW ; A healthy fear: If you are young and uninsured; read this column ; OUSC serving body well: Impressive accomplishments made in Fall semester ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR Current; former and possible students call for Gender and Sexuality Center ; Ocean's 12 pulls heist on audience ; Actors who sing: Why? ; White Noise: tune in to static ; Unity is the goal of Welcome Week II ; HOROSCOPES ; PAUL ; Crossword ; Solutions ; THE LOW DOWN ; International student athletes adapt to OU ; Women's winning streak ; Grizzlies sweep Mid-Con swimming title for sixth straight year ; Valpo win streak now at 14 ; Transition still work in progress



King, Coretta Scott, DNA, Oakland University. Student Congress, Welcome Week, International students, Watts, J.C., Oakland University. Student Congress