Induced Methylation of the KITLG as a Treatment for Hippocampal Degeneration in Bipolar Disorder


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This article is an examination of the literature regarding bipolar disorder and our understanding of it. Specifically, a focus is placed on the biological symptoms associated with bipolar disorder and their impact on the hippocampus. Through this research, a new genetic component will be introduced as a link between bipolar disorder and hippocampal degeneration. It appears that methylation of a specific ligand that mediates the stress response can be used as a treatment for the neurotoxic effects of cortisol. By reducing the high levels of cortisol found in those with bipolar disorder, brain damage to the hippocampus may be reduced. This treatment could be performed through induced methylation of the proposed ligand.



Bipolar Disorder, Cortisol, Gene Methylation, Hippocampus, KITLG