Identifying Best Cancer Management Strategies for Undeveloped Nations: A Literary Review


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Today, cancer research is often done in developed nations in expensive labs thanks to funding from wealthy donors. However, cancer is a global disease and is expected to become much more prevalent in undeveloped nations, due to severe lack of medical infrastructure and properly trained personnel. Given the limited resources available in undeveloped countries, more research is needed to find effective cancer management tools which don’t require a hospital or expensive medical equipment. These treatments must also be easy to administer to patients as the medical training in these nations isn’t the same as developed countries. By finding more cost-effective treatment options for underdeveloped countries, developed nations can also use them in poorer communities to help alleviate the burden of costly medical treatments. Through the review of literature on global cancer prevalence and the various treatment options available in different countries, I hope to highlight where specific cancers are expected to be most prevalent and guide research towards finding treatments that can be effective in those areas given resource availability. Additionally, as new cancer treatments are developed they should be designed to work in areas where the cancer it is treating will be most common. Together, this information should help guide countries to make smarter decisions in regards to how they can best improve cancer management for their people.