The Oakland Post 1988-02-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Brother; sister team aim for Olympics ; Spring break means profit for businesses ; Arms control treaty receives mixed reactions ; Eye Research Institute earns national reputation ; Educator criticizes public schools ; NEWS BRIEFS Icy sidewalks cause accidents ; Two cars stolen ; PAL shuts down during break ; Carter lectures ; Casinos won't cure Detroit ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Letters to the Editor Football fan says column false game takes skill brains ; Football team would benefit OU players could be literate too ; 'Post' article contains 'gross inaccuracies' ; Writer slanders group unfairly ; Campus community shows concern for long-time employee ; Keeping school open after severe storms could cause deaths ; Shows for children promote arts ; Career Day ; Theater major may be revived ; Oxford studies provide glance at different culture ; Participation increases in joint nursing project ; 'The Last Emperor' earns Oscar nominations ; What's Happening ; Nutrition can be key factor to weight loss ; Swimsuits are forever ; Cagers win thriller by slowing tempo ; Athletic director Hartman guides department ; Walk-on diver had no prior experience ; Hoop team loses $6,000 in potential profits ; Hickman gets win over male opponent in exhibition bout ; Intramural basketball starts ; Dreaming and believing ; Lady hoopsters knock out Wolves in 85-50 rout ; GLIAC standings.



Winter Olympics, Smith, Brandon, Smith, Shanda, Spring break, Intermediate range nuclear forces treaty, Simmons, Robert, Collins, Marva, Oakland University. Eye Research Institute, Reddy, Venkat, Oxford University, Nutrition, Hartman, Paul