The Oakland Post 1995-02-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


"WE NEED AT LEAST 4.5 - 4.7 PERCENT" Appropriations may increase; but Bissonnette sees little improvement ; The search goes on ; Constituencies brace for search: Groups forward committee nominees ; Sewer problem lures the attention of Michigan DNR ; OU students profiled on local AM-FM spots ; Power outage temporarily disturbs day ; Problems heat up in labs when power shuts down ; Campus News Alliance forges minority campaign ; CRIME WATCH ; U-M student arrest raises questions on 'Netiquette' ; OU administration defends service fee ; ANOTHER VIEW Boston University search process lends perspective to OU ; Opinion ; Perpetual interim leadership speaks poorly of Oakland's direction; health ; Features A message to - Keep it ; Another stitch in AIDS education ; Students star on talk show ; Making sense of Political Correctness ; If the Brothers Grimm had a modern editor ; Casting for 'Karate Kid 4'? Nope; it's the Karate Club ; OU EVENTS ; CONCERTS ; ARTS ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; CIPO This Week!: CIPO Programs ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; Pioneer Dirt Box ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; AD candidate list to shrink today ; Northern disaster drops cagers to fifth in GLIAC ; Hansen Brothers Champs!! ; Advantage Oakland: Stretch-run schedule favors Pioneers ; Cager plays with the idea of success ; OU intramurals



State funding, Presidential searches, Power outages, AIDS, Alternative medicine