The Oakland Post 1989-11-20

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Dorm resident faces drug charge ; Stick 'em up ; Student leader dies in crash: Accident leaves one dead; friend critically injured ; Election goes to Landry: Anderson; Seeley; Shields lead congress race ; Election Results: President ; Landry to strive for unity; opinions ; TeleFund '89 nears goal ; That time of year ; New Briefs Nobody hurt in five-car fender bender ; Flasher returns to Library ; No bullet hole ; Man attacked after talent show ; Larceny reported in West Vandenberg ; Sharp move ; Corrections ; Abortion question is one we should answer ; Minority rules election ; Oakland has more to offer than many may think ; Letters to the Editor Clocks set students back ; Racial slur should not go unpunished ; Poster insult not surprising ; Pro-choice delivers battle cry to Washington: Leaders urge students to take up arms ; Bearing Turkey Day traditions ; Magician's tricks are treats from his past ; Chorale charms audience with diverse music ; Along the abortion front ; Huskies hurt Pioneers' playoff chances ; Pioneers suffer setback; gain split ; MONDAY NIGHT PICKS ; Tankers swim well; still get spanked by Wolverines ; Women victorious ; GLIAC women's basketball preview ; Defending champions start with two wins ; Diary of a long weekend ; Soccer season ends in loss



Marrs, Gregory, Drugs, Elections, Telefund, Pro-choice, Washington, DC, Garner, Bob, Magic, Abortion