The Oakland Post 2018-04-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Turns out; students have little say in where their money goes ; Day at the Capitol. OUSC plans to push for more state funding during trip ; Remembering. Remembrance Event will pay tribute to those we've lost ; Slam for Solidarity ; A 'drive' into Bear Lake ; New student body government elected ; Students lobby for state funding increase: Discussing concerns with legislators in Lansing ; Students; staff and faculty meet at Elliot Tower for a memorial ; Anti-Abortion Group sparks outrage outside of Kresge ; Police Files: A Dodge dart vs. an unsuspecting student ; 1.9 grams and a pipe ; Assault at Ann V. Nicholson ; Ride Along with OUPD ; Waiting for a snap in the payment gap: Educators are underpaid in private and public schools; despite their level of degrees ; Millennials create a new age of global nationalism: Professor Derek Hastings touches on people's sense of nationalism in final lecture of History Comes Alive series ; How to make money while sitting on your butt ; How much does your voice matter? Here's a hint: not that much ; How SAFAC orgs would utilize the extra money ; "Love; Simon" made my cold heart love again ; #NeverAgain took the streets of Washington D.C. ; Political Focus: Yemen and the war nobody knows about: The United States' role in the worst humanitarian crisis in the Middle East ; George Ezra's second album is nothing short of "Paradise" ; Current Joys discovers a new way to connect ; Flying high while giving back ; The Wiggins retire after 24 years of teaching: Professors Bob and Jackie Wiggins say goodbye to Oakland after two decades of teaching ; Healthology Symposium on effects of upstream health ; Gay Straight Alliance hosts Slam for Solidarity II ; May Your Sib Be With You this weekend ; Baseball posers its way to a home opener series win: Men's basketball snatched the win from the Milwaukee Panthers with a score of 12-7 ; Amr El Sayed: from swimming to automotive ; The Lepley Center Project: the O'rena's new upgrade



State funding, Oakland University. Student Congress, Memorials, Abortion, Oakland University Police Department, Nationalism, Budgets, Drones, Research, Africa, Health, Gay Straight Alliance, Poetry, Oakland Athletic Center O'rena, Lepley Sports Center