The Oakland Post 1988-01-25

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Survey shows change in freshmen's goals ; Use of sand upsets employees ; Toxic wastes left in unattended truck: Vehicle rolls down hill; no spillage occurs ; PCBs have history of problems ; Change in GSL program causes approval decline ; Loan rate decreases to 40 percent ; President's club gifts increase before changes in tax rate take effect ; March of Kings ; News Briefs Fellows honored ; BAM begins ; BAM committee sponsors program ; WOUX conducts frequency search ; Corrections ; Trucks holding hazardous PCBs need attending ; Letters to the Editor Parking 'situation' poses problems ; White or black; Americans need freedom of speech ; Math instructors must stress learning not memorization ; Education program should consider more than grades ; 271 South Foundation ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Winter games go well despite lack of snow ; New group helps accident victims ; Identical twins on campus create challenges for others ; What's Happening ; Mainstages challenges students not to laugh ; 'She's Having a Baby' shows brighter side of growing up ; Winter activities risk broken bones; sprains: Post Scripts ; Where are the fans? ; Bittinger great in overtime win ; Assists keep on coming for ex-sailor Gregory ; Lady Pioneers hold onto first place ; Lady tankers get win over Grand Valley St. ; GLIAC standings: Women's basketball ; Magazine rates college tankers: OU team first in division II ; Floor hockey playoffs start this week



Toxic waste, Guaranteed student loans, Anderson, Lee, President's Club, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Graham Health Center, Paden, LaWanda, Paden, LaRhonda, Identical twins, Bittinger, Scott, Men's basketball