The Oakland Post 2007-08-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Flash Forward: The Future Issue ; THIS MONTH 08.15.07 ; STAFF EDITORIAL Technology: Making us less than the sum of our parts ; OU professor indicted: Assistant professor Darrin Hanna accused of violating trade embargo with Iraq ; OU bookstore now selling new exploitation-free T-shirt brand ; NEWSBRIEFS ; Big plans in store for OU's future: What lies ahead in univeristy academics and athletics ; Back to the Past: The last 10 years may shape the next 50 ; ARC aims to make Pontiac artsy ; You'll be McLovin "Superbad" ; Brussells eatery sprouts in Royal Oak: Bastone gives diners a Belgium blend of German and French cuisine ; Pumpkins' latest is anything but smashing: Corgan and Chamberlin finally unite for 'Zeitgeist' after seven years ; Fortunetellers: What scares Oakland University students most about the future? ; The end of the world as we know it: Doomsday scenarios even Captain Planet wouldn't be able to solve ; Mark your calender!: Jot down these key events on the Golden Grizzlies schedule ; Hockey Hype: Hockey insiders weigh in on the top prospects for the 2007-08 season ; In case you missed it ; The athlete of the future?: An analysis of how extreme athletic measures affect the human body ; Is THIS the body of the future athlete?: Below is a humorous graphic representation of some of the different side-effects extreme athletic measures can have on the body ; OU political science student hits the books and gets a big break this summer ; Moving toward the future; what lies ahead?: Three students predict their futures ; Green cruise promotes alternative transportation: Participants jog; stroll; skate and cycle down Woodward in third annual Green Cruise ; Local high school students get political: Youth Council gives students opportunity to participate in Rochester Hills government ; Wireless future for Oakland County: I'm fortunetelling on you!: Methods of escaping to the future leave much to be desired ; Apocalypse Boring: Everything goes wrong at the end of the world ; Floods ravage England; South Asia ; Rove ending controversial White House tenure ; New Minnesota bridge will come fast ; Rescuers searching for missing miners look to farthest section of mine



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