The Oakland Post 1994-11-09

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Quality of Life ; Memorial Presentation ; Reading Club ; ACS Seminar ; Gospel Concert ; RHC wants Fischer off committee ; Marriott employees offered AFSCME jobs or $6,000 cash buyout: But some workers are not happy with this deal ; Questions arise over curious OU brochure ; New book questions IQ; racial difference suggested ; Congress member quits; ELECTION DAY!! ; Auto safety at risk ; Adult children of alcoholics have outlet at OU ; S.C. to open "Food Drive" ; Players suspended over stolen shoes ; Recycled jeans could be trend ; CRIME WATCH ; ANOTHER VIEW Student Affairs trek to CMU deserves praise ; Letters to the Editor Advisor: Board failing to fulfill responsibility: GALA's fight for equality ; Post story changed context of Congress members' quotes ; congress concern ; Student feels discrimination; meddling ; student scope ; suicide response Warnings appreciated ; Non-trad 'appalled' at Post's arrogance: reader response ; Trading places ; Fake ID's: Drinking without a permit ; La Pittura's hidden world of art ; The Collection and Eight Revue Sketches ; There goes the diet ; OU EVENTS ; ART ; CONCERTS ; THEATER ; COMEDY ; Pioneer of the Week ; Just the Fax ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; Search for new AD drags on: Selection comittee to convene in two weeks ; Dynasty: Tankers are steaming toward its sixth title ; Beydoun gets third consecutive shutout ; Pioneers continue post-season ritual; Adjustment has its reward ; OU intramurals ; Spikers hang on a thread ; Cagers lose in exhibition



LGBTQ, Fund-raising, Food service, Alcoholism, Physical therapy, Oakland University. Office of the President. Athletics