The Oakland Post 2001-09-12

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


America terrorized ; Students; faculty shocked; outraged by suicide air attacks in NYC; D.C. ; Everyone can give blood; help save lives ; Campus silenced by terrorist acts at World Trade Center; Pentagon ; NEWS COLUMN Nations' tragedy brings students together ; Students watch; pray in wake of tragedy ; crime WATCH ; OU hosts annual Heart Walk on campus ; MOTLEY FOOLU: How to Switch Brokers ; Detroit AIDS event raises awareness ; Bad news is sometimes too close to home for comfort ; Editorial Terrorism hits home ; Letters to the Editor Liaison pushes students to speak up ; The Aftermath ; Life On the EDGE ON CAMPUS ; SHOWS ; ODD INFO ; Love knows no rules: Vivica A. Fox shares her views on dating; players and her new film ; Graham Health Center offers more than misconceptions ; Graham Health Center ; Generations away from ordinary: Local artists attract attention with contemporary art work ; Bitch and Animal puts fury to good use on new CD ; LIFE COLUMN VMAs: WOWS; woes ; LEX ; Sports on the EDGE SCORE BOARD ; OU considers testing athletes ; Grizzlies slip in overtime: Men's soccer team loses heartbreaker to Dayton ; Volleyball team starts slow; finishes strong at tourney ; Sept. 21 entry deadline nears for 40th Writer's Conference in October ; Women sail; men fall short ; Kieffer dominates again ; PGA match delayed by national tragedy ; Looking for love in all the wrong places ; MID-CONTINENT CONFERENCE STANDINGS ; GRIZZLY OF THE WEEK: KRISTIE KIEFFER ; 'Rock Star' falls short of rock stardom ; DFT presents films with powerful edge; message ; For your ENTERTAINMENT



9/11, Student activities, Heart Walk, AIDS, Graham Health Center, Drugs, Athletics