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  • Children of owner Thomas Cole in front of Winkler Mill 

    Unknown author (The Detroit News, 1969-08)
    Three boys, children of Thomas Cole, sit in the grass outside Winkler Mill
  • Homes under construction at a new Rochester subdivision 

    Unknown author
    A car marked "Village of Rochester" pulls up on a construction scene of new homes being built
  • Parke-Davis employees at the Parkedale Farm 

    Unknown author (The Detroit News, 1959-03)
    Black-and-white image depicting five Parke-Davis employees at the Parkedale facility
  • Farmland near Rochester 

    Unknown author (The Detroit News, 1957-10-17)
    High school students Ellen McDowall and Jemarice Lovell pause on way to classes to admire peaceful farm scene, similar to many found surrounding Rochester.
  • Apple Picking 

    Unknown author (The Detroit News, 1953-09-24)
    Two men on ladders picking apples. Two other men loading pickup truck with full crates of apples.
  • Detroit Sugar Company agreement and photos 

    Snook, J. J. (1903)
    Agreement with J. J. Snook and the Detroit Sugar Company for growing beets. Two photos at the bottom, ca. 1900, of the Detroit Sugar Factory on Sugar Avenue (now Woodward) and Paint Creek. Built 1899, torn down 1907.
  • Theatre showbills for the Idle Hour Theatre 

    Unknown author (1936)
    Posters for the Idle Hour Theatre, Rochester's first movie theater. Two posters for "Ramona" and "Mr. Deeds Goes to Town."
  • Rochester landmarks 

    Unknown author
    Illustrations of Rochester's Yates Cider Mill, Van Hoosen Farm, Avon Township Hall, Opera House, and Home Bakery.
  • Western Knitting Mill 

    Unknown author (1917)
    A crowd of people and vehicles outside of the Western Knitting Mill in 1917.
  • Van Hoosen Ice Cream sign 

    Van Hoosen Farms
    Sign reading "Try Van Hoosen Home Made Ice Cream | It's Delicious | It's Richer | It's Better | All Popular Flavors"
  • Dillman & Upton booklet 

    Dillman & Upton (1930)
    Booklet cover that reads: Cheerful LIVING | in | October "Always with a Smile" The image on the cover is of three children. The bottom reads: DILLMAN & UPTON | Main Street and M. C. R. R. Phones 25 and 255 | ROCHESTER, MICHIGAN
  • The Centennial Trip 

    Snook, J. J. (1900)
    Copy of J. J. Snook's self-printed poem “The Centennial Trip” owned by his wife. "Mrs. J. J. Snook | Rochester | Michigan | Overlook Farm" is written on the inside cover.
  • New Poems and Glad Outings 

    Snook, J. J. (1907)
    Cover and title page of J. J. Snook’s privately printed book of poetry, New Poems and Glad Outings.
  • Portrait of J. J. Snook 

    Unknown author (J. J. Snook, 1907)
    Portrait of J.J. Snook from New Poems and Glad Outings, 1907
  • Workers inside the Western Knitting Mills 

    Kingsbury Studio, Rochester, Mich. (1917)
    Workers inside the Western Knitting Mills, ca. 1917
  • Women workers and children inside the Western Knitting Mills 

    Kingsbury Studio, Rochester, Mich. (1917)
    Women workers and children inside the Western Knitting Mills, ca. 1917
  • Rochester panorama 

    Rochester Board of Commerce (Peninsular Engraving Co., Detroit, 1900)
    "Panorama of the Country Surrounding Rochester, Michigan"
  • Detroit, Rochester, Romeo, and Lake Orion Railway booklet 

    Unknown author
    Detroit, Royal Oak, Clawson, Big Beaver, Troy, Rochester, Washington, Romeo, Goodison, Orion and Oxford. Booklet contains advertising, images and text about the named cities, including photographs of residential and ...
  • Detroit United Lines Flint Division schedule 

    Unknown author
    Train schedule showing times of arrival and departure from stations in Detroit, Royal Oak, West Utica, Rochester, Junction, Washington, Romeo, ALmont, Imlay City, Orion, Oxford, Ortonville, Goodrich, Atlas, Flint, Saginaw ...
  • Scenics: A picture Tale 

    ALP (Peninsular Engraving Co., Detroit, 8/15/1900)
    Booklet of Oakland County landscape scenes in Rochester, Lake Orion, Romeo, Stony Creek, with text describing a railway trip through countryside and cities via the Detroit, Rochester, Romeo and Lake Orion Electric Railway.

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