The Oakland Post 2000-09-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Rain ruins commencment ; NEWS edge ; BOARD OF TRUSTEES: Meeting Dates ; Officials hope for 15,000: President; faculty welcome new students ; Board discusses building site before presentation to State ; Undergraduate catalogs late ; CRIME Watch ; BOT elects new chair; vice ; Soggy beginnings ; Linguistics resurrects Latin craze ; Every week can be like Welcome Week ; EDITOR's View: Intimacy lost in the mix ; LEX ; LETTERS to the editor Reader upset by profanity ; Ad-hoc Committee on Parking created to ease lot congestion ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Investigating Top Industries ; Art & Apples Festival alive in Rochester ; "Lack of voice" leads to lack of choice ; Four Day Weather forecast ; STUDENT Affairs: UPDATING OU ; tom the dancing bug ; LIFE edge ; IT AIN'T EASY being greek: Sorority; fraternity rush week hits OU ; OU Fraternities & Sororities ; Titanic town launches film series ; SPORTS edge SCORE BOARD ; Indiana coach gets what he deserves ; Men's Soccer wins Diadora in San Diego ; Women split in muggy WI tourney ; In-laws donate scholarship for soccer alum ; SPORTS NEWS ; Tennis team hopes to rebuild; grow in upcoming season ; New players; goals strengthen golf teams ; Spikers battle in Iowa; finish with 1-2 record ; Cross Country team finishes in 4th; closes in on powerhouse EMU ; Mid-Continent Conference Standings ; NEWS of the weird ; tom the dancing bug ; BiZaRrO ; LIVIN' La Vida Hispana: Celebration week offers many campus activities ; Student finds fun; new home at OU ; For Your entertainment



Enrollment, Course catalogs, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Latin courses, Greek letter societies