The Oakland Post 2010-03-24

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU STUDENT VOTING 2010 CONGRESS GUIDE ; CAMPUS ; SCENE: SPORTS ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Elect your student reps: Be informed about those who'll spend your tuition! ; Campaigns need to find their own forums ; Column Contest Results: In our March 10 issue; The Oakland Post asked our readers if newspapers should endorse candidates in a political compaign. ; A burning cross results in smoke and fury ; AAUP postpones vote ; Be aware when driving on campus: OUPD to "stop accidents from escalating" ; Students to converge at state capitol ; SPOTLIGHT ON STUDENT ORGS student video productions ; POLICE FILES ; CAMPUS BRIEFS: YouTube Video Contest ; Pawley Offers free webinars ; "The Art of the Artist's Book" sparks discussion ; Veteran shares Iraqi stories ; CELEBRATING EUROPE ; Leading the 21 st century ; Darkest Hour ; The tides of a touring band: Heavy metal band Darkest Hour speaks to The Post about new album & lyrics ; DMC faces potential sale ; Tennessee health company proposes to purchase Detroit Medical Center ; Community calendar: VegFest; job fairs: 'Get Your Noodle On' kidney foundation fundraiser ; New Rochester Hills Meijer location hosts job fairs ; Environmental challenge begins ; Michigan Vegfest coming to Ferndale ; Local briefs: MDOT funding; drunk driver: State receives funding for rural transportation ; Mich. fugitive found in Pa bar in hospital gown ; Mich.police: Drunken driver called 911 on herself ; Mind Body & Spirits receives 'green' honors ; Season closes with NCAA fall ; Grizzlies secure place in District 12 ; Xavier baseball team outruns OU ; GOLDEN GRIZZLIES GAMES of the WEEK Lacrosse record rises to 7-0 ; Future of the Grizzlies ; NEW BRIEFS ; Obama passes Health Care bill ; 13 states file suit against new HC bill ; A who cares on health care: Mouthing Off is giving you a healthy dose of opinion about Obama's new bill ; Rory's bracket racket



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