The Oakland Observer 1969-01-10



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


The Incredible Tale of Immorality as OU And How Oakland was Rescued from the Clutches of State Senator Huber ; INSIDE THIS ISSUE ; Work Begins on Oakland Center Addition ; Bombs Away ; Who Rules OU? Graduation Process Examined ; Where Huber's At ; the medium is the pitch ; PHANTASMAGORIA ; folksinging ; flicks ; the draft ; exhibit ; museums ; chamber music ; Editorial: WHO IS LEE ELBINGER? WHERE IS OAKLAND UNIVERSITY? ; LETTERS: Students Ask Huber: What is Immorality? ; Schlaff Apologizes to Ayn Rand ; Prof. Appleton's Letter to Huber ; Strong Resigns ; Strong Interviewed on Resignation ; Opening Announced ; OU Senate to Vote on Elbinger's Graduation ; campus shorts ; 3 Still in Running for Wilsons ; UP AGAINST THE WALL? ; Trip to Bahamas Planned ; Fish - Feliciano At Miami Pops ; Meadowbrook ; Amada At Dodge Hall ; Off-Campus: Images of Ted Lucas ; Cagers Face Aquinas Tonight ; OU STUDENTS STUDY JUDO ; Sport Shorts



Elbinger, Lee, Huber, Robert J., 1922-2001, Oakland Center, POEAT, Oakland University Police Department