An Examination of the Militia Act of 1792 and its Impact on U.S. Performance in the War of 1812

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This essay will examine issues in the discipline of history through the use of secondary sources such as monographs and peer reviewed essays, along with primary sources which are contemporary with the period under investigation. The topic which this essay will address is the interaction between the concept of standing armies and citizen militias in the early history of the United States. This project will attempt to increase the net sum of human knowledge by bringing to light previously undiscussed concepts pertaining to the interaction between specific political concepts and the people involved in the formation of the United States. By discussing and exploring these concepts, a better understanding of what factors influenced the early formation of the United States and thus how we arrived at the present can be asserted.



Militia Act of 1792, War of 1812, Militia Reform, Niagara Campaign, Battle of New Orleans, Federalists